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Have you seen Boys Before Flowers? If you have an utter fondness for the main character of that drama (Lee Min Ho) you will like City Hunter (because he is the main character) I myself, don't care much for the guy but, eh thats just me. Anyways after finishing this drama, all I have to say was.....wtf! It was a complete rip off of "A Man Called God" except for the lack of good looking people in that drama, it is almost identical.  The ending, however, was a bust. I mean my brother was hyping it up so much I just had to see what it was all about.
I mean it wasn't all bad, it had its ups and downs. It just bothered me that, the whole time I was watching this drama, I kept comparing it to "A Man Called God"

So here is the synopsis on the drama in a nutshell, back in 1983 there was a bomb in Burma that killed a bunch of high ranking caviar eating right folks, orchestrated by the North Koreans. To strike back, the South Korean sent in 2 of the Presidential Security (who were present during the bombing) and 12 of their top men into North Korea in a covert operation.  This caused problems back in South Korea, therefore some high ranking officials in South Korean decided to abort the plan fearing that the United States would withdraw its nuclear protection.  In order to keep the operation a hush their own country sends in snipers to take them out, killing all but one.  He bears a grudge and kidnaps a child of one of his deceased colleague to plot the ultimate revenge.

RATING 3/5 STARS OKAY, not anything spectacular


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