London Sole Collaboration with Tokidoki

Its official! London Sole is releasing its collaboration with Tokidoki!  If you have been reading my blog, you'd know I am a die hard Tokidoki fan.  I know these will be breaking my bank (hahaha) but I will collect them all!! (like Pokemon)  It is announced to be released in August.  Oh boy!

Price will range from $200- $300 and will be on sale on londonsole.com and tokidoki.it

Baby Killing Mothers

Scrolling though my news app on a day to day basis has become a ritual to me now. Its quite obvious the media does often speculate the worse of all news.  But lately there has been more than normal amounts of news about mothers killing their young ones.  As this is quite disturbing news,  one has to wonder this does happen more often than we can even fathom.

I am not one to judge, but wouldn't abortion also count as killing ones child?  Don't get me wrong here, but we all know this is a touchy feeling topic. Pro-Choice or Pro-Life??  It irritates me to hear someone who is Pro-Choice to yabber on and on about how this woman is a monster for killing her own child. UH, hey didn't you "Technically" kill your child too??  But it also irritates me to hear someone who is Pro Choice yabbering on about how the system is messed up and if you can't teach your children then don't have them.  Well that is.....ironic.

Point is, of course it is wrong to kill a child.  They are innocent creatures, who have yet to do any wrongs.  But don't sit on your fanny and think, "oh poor child" "that mother is a monster!" do something, children are being killed in third world countries because of many reasons the parents cannot take care of them, they are not wanted, etc etc.  Why don't you donate some of that $$ to an orphanage who will take care of these children so they don't end up in another grave.

Here ya go, your welcome.

DONATE NOW to Unicef


Korean Drama > City Hunter

Have you seen Boys Before Flowers? If you have an utter fondness for the main character of that drama (Lee Min Ho) you will like City Hunter (because he is the main character) I myself, don't care much for the guy but, eh thats just me. Anyways after finishing this drama, all I have to say was.....wtf! It was a complete rip off of "A Man Called God" except for the lack of good looking people in that drama, it is almost identical.  The ending, however, was a bust. I mean my brother was hyping it up so much I just had to see what it was all about.
I mean it wasn't all bad, it had its ups and downs. It just bothered me that, the whole time I was watching this drama, I kept comparing it to "A Man Called God"

So here is the synopsis on the drama in a nutshell, back in 1983 there was a bomb in Burma that killed a bunch of high ranking caviar eating right folks, orchestrated by the North Koreans. To strike back, the South Korean sent in 2 of the Presidential Security (who were present during the bombing) and 12 of their top men into North Korea in a covert operation.  This caused problems back in South Korea, therefore some high ranking officials in South Korean decided to abort the plan fearing that the United States would withdraw its nuclear protection.  In order to keep the operation a hush their own country sends in snipers to take them out, killing all but one.  He bears a grudge and kidnaps a child of one of his deceased colleague to plot the ultimate revenge.

RATING 3/5 STARS OKAY, not anything spectacular

Renting Apartment Adventure

So for a while now I have been living in one of my family's single family home with a few room mates.  My boyfriend, however, has been urging me to move out with him for about a year now. ( I finally gave in ) So, the first task at hand was to look for an apartment.  I remember as a child my parents would drive around and stop at any "For Rent" signs that were posted up.  So, although we did our due diligence online, we still went for a drive.  Surprisingly, there were NO SIGNS up! So we just went to the addresses we got off craigslist, to our surprise even those didn't have signs up! (talk about a buzz kill)

Anyways, after hours of driving around we FINALLY found a "For Rent" sign, it was like it was glowing and the angels were singing while our eyes were bulging out of its sockets. We noted the phone number and called, the owner (who just happened to live in one of the complexes came out) it was an elderly Korean lady and her husband (aw how cute!) ...it also points out as to why the sign was posted up. I set my budget at $1350 for a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment (which is decent, since nicer ones go for about $1700-$2000) ...she told me the rent would be at $1400....  
( >_< ) OIIIYAH!!!
After looking around....I guess the extra $50 bucks is worth it since it is newly remodeled and in a good neighborhood. Point is, living in Northern California is burning a hole in my bank account, owning a car is super expensive (payments, registration, insurance, smog, gas...the list goes on), rent is a bitch, internet and cable bill is 150+...staying connected is friggin expensive! Comes to show why I have been so busy to blog lately. Eat, work, eat, school, eat, work, exercise, sleep ...REPEAT.

Mini Photo Shoot with Fabian Sanchez

I know it has been a while since I blogged.  Sorry! I have been meaning to blog but, it has gotten hectic lately.  Any who, recently I was stumped on some graphic design photo projects I have been working on so I called up my old buddy Fabian Sanchez, who works as an armature photographer for help.  We go side tracked because his sister had a Panda Kigurumi laying around. So we decided to do a "QUICK" shoot of me posing as this "Japanese" ( she could be Chinese or Korean, but I will just say Japanese because she looks like a Gyaru model) this so called "quick" shoot ended up taking 4 freaking hours!!!! I guess it was us running to a local wig shop to pick up the wig. (Yes, thats a wig, not my real hair. Oh yes, I forgot to mention I darked my hair and did a slightly ombre-ish color to it...but lets leave the catching up til later, yes?) 

So before I start blabbing on about the differences of the two pictures (I did try to do my makeup like hers ...lots more eyeliner.)  I will let you see and check the differences.

Okay, if you already know what I look like...then you could guess which one is me quickly, also the wig is terrible so that was a dead giveaway.  If you are quite the *ahem* genius and don't know then keep guessing. ( LOL Here is another clue...I AM SHORTER!) So what to get the folds and creases right, I had to balance on one leg for a whole (talk about a leg workout, I kept leaning to the front. Apparently my frontal portion of my skull is heavier) On the other hand we did ATTEMPT to Photoshop some of the folds and creases in to make it look more A-La-Authentic but still ...its not exactly the same. 

For a photographer Fabian has got to be the most CAMERA SHY guy I know.  He was super paranoid that I might snap a picture with my phone and post it up! So, I will not be posting a photo of him up...YET.  Even though, I did not get what I came there for, I still got a kick out of doing this. 

PS:  I am on the right. ^O^
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